Entrepreneurs possess a unique set of qualities—one of them is drive. The will to rise up, achieve goals, and realize dreams. A convenience store is more than a business on the side of the road. It’s a family’s livelihood. It’s a staple in a community. ​

Its duty is to keep the world moving forward.​

These are the true stories of real business owners who possess the drive.​

What drives you?

Chapter 6:
H&S Energy

H&S Energy is a family-owned and operated network of 150+ convenience stores across California. Founded by Sal Hassan, he and his brother Victor are now training their own children to take the reins of the business.

Watch how the Hassan family uses basic c-store principles and next-generation marketing techniques to create exponential growth.


Chapter 5:

Maplefields is a network of 40+ convenience stores across Northern New England. The brand is constantly breaking barriers to serve customers more efficiently.

From cashierless stores to electric vehicle charging hubs, the Maplefields team is on a mission reinvent the convenience store into a frictionless retail experience that customers will remember.


Chapter 4:
Square One Markets

Square One Markets is made up of seven convenience stores around Allentown, Pennsylvania, about 60 miles north of Philadelphia.

After her father passed, Lisa took the reins as President and CEO of the family-owned business.

Now she’s set on growing his legacy and leading the convenience industry into the future.


Chapter 3:
Breeze Thru Markets

Breeze Thru Markets is a small, locally based convenience store chain in Cary, North Carolina.

The brand thrives on data and trends to give customers a big brand experience with a neighborhood feel. From self-checkout kiosks, to Bitcoin machines, Breeze Thru competes with large retailers by providing services people need that can’t be found conveniently anywhere else.


Chapter 2:
Emanuel Inc.

Meet Sami Said, the owner of Emanuel Inc. a network of approximately 40 stores in the Seattle area.
Sami’s strategy revolves around cleanliness and targeted merchandising. By inspiring employee pride and leveraging retail technology, Sami’s footprint has seen exponential growth over the last two decades.

Chapter 1:
Prashant Patel

After earning a degree in chemical engineering, Prashant’s sister inspired him to start his own business. He now owns a network of convenience stores across North and South Carolina.
See how Prashant uses technology and local partnerships to grow his business and serve his loyal base of customers.