Prashant Patel

After earning a degree in chemical engineering, Prashant’s sister inspired him to start his own business. He now owns a network of convenience stores across North and South Carolina.
See how Prashant uses technology and local partnerships to grow his business and serve his loyal base of customers.

Remote Updates, Maximum Uptime

Learn how Prashant saves time and money using remote software updates with Passport EDGE.  He can keep his business up-to-date in real time. 

Decision Points

Prashant’s buying process has two major criteria. Learn how Prashant evaluates potential purchases and makes successful business decisions.


Prashant needs to be able to multi-task without POS downtime. Passport EDGE lets his team work and his shoppers shop in tandem. Working on your business shouldn’t cost you business.

Recipe for Success: Local Food Truck Partnerships

By now, we’re all very aware there’s an appetite for real food from gas stations and convenience stores.

The made-to-order trend, started by major retailers like Sheetz and Wawa, has become a mainstay for success as consumer tastes evolve. But not all businesses are ripe for food service. Learn how Prashant makes food service work for him.

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What Makes Passport Edge The Best Choice For Prashant Patel

Insite360 Remote Management

Keep an eye on your business anytime, anywhere with unmatched, cloud-connected visibility.

iPad Workstation(s)

Speed up employee training time with an intuitive interface that makes checkouts easier and faster.

24/7/365 Help Desk

Our support team is up and ready to help anytime to ensure you and your business are never alone. Real-time, high-speed remote service helps avoid technician calls and lowers your cost of ownership.

EMV Ready

Simplify your security upgrade to chip card technology with EMV capabilities built into the device.