H&S Energy

H&S Energy is a family-owned and operated network of 150+ convenience stores across California. Founded by Sal Hassan, he and his brother Victor are now training their own children to take the reins of the business.

Watch how the Hassan family uses basic c-store principles and next-generation marketing techniques to create exponential growth. 

Image is Everything: Why H&S Energy Chooses Gilbarco Fuel Dispensers

“Because the pump is the first thing they see, it’s vital to have that image be nice and clean, easy to use,” says H&S Energy’s Operations Coordinator, Amir Hassan.

Partnering with Pros: Choosing Equipment Vendors for Long-term Success

“It is vital to choose the correct partners, suppliers, vendors, and employees,” says Amir. “We’re only as good as our vendors and our partners.”

Organizing the Aisles: How a Successful C-store Retailer Merchandises

Power Market category manager, Ryan Monty, took us on an aisle-by-aisle tour of a Power Market in West Sacramento to show us how it all works.

H&S Energy: A Family Business

The company was founded by Sal Hassan in 1996. Sal’s brother, Victor, joined a year later to head up operations.

Building a Brand: Power Market

From the moment you pull into a Power Market, you know you’re not getting your typical convenience store experience.

Foodservice: More than a Trend

Having a solid foodservice program has become a strategic necessity that sets a c-store brand apart from the rest of the 150,000 c-stores in the U.S.

More than a Job: Creating Career C-store Employees

The answer isn’t about fueling equipment or POS systems. In one way or another, what ultimately worries c-store operators revolves around caring for their employees and keeping them.

Tracking Top Sellers: Identifying Sales Trends with Passport POS

At its core, convenience store retail is all about selling merchandise that people want to buy. But how does a C-store operator figure out that secret formula?

Next Gen C-store Marketing: Mobile Apps & Social Media

H&S took it upon themselves to create a mobile app to help further their marketing efforts. The app sends customers special discounts or they can play games to win prizes.