Maplefields is a network of 40+ convenience stores across Northern New England. The brand is constantly breaking barriers to serve customers more efficiently.

From cashierless stores to electric vehicle charging hubs, the Maplefields team is on a mission to reinvent the convenience store into a frictionless retail experience that customers will remember.

Intelligent Investing in Equipment: Total Cost of Ownership

One of the first questions Maplefields considers when buying equipment surrounds the total cost of ownership. The lower the total cost of ownership, the faster it is to make back your investment. For Maplefields’ IT Director, Skip Potter, that’s the key to his purchasing decisions.

One Provider, One Team. Inside and Out.

“Having a different dispenser outside and a different POS provider inside is just not effective,” says Maplefields’ IT Director, Skip Potter. “It’s not cost effective to do that. Working with everybody on one team, one platform, has been very beneficial to us. So, we eradicated eight sites immediately. Everything from forecourt, to inside – the [non-Gilbarco equipment] had to go.”

More Than a Store: Creating a Customer Experience

The best convenience stores don’t just serve snacks and gas, they serve an experience and Maplefields is no different.

“I have people who come in three times a day,” says Store Manager Kelly St. Francis. “They’ll come in for breakfast and coffee in the morning, then come back for lunch and dinner.”

Charging Ahead: Maplefields Finds Success with EV Charging

“Where the rest of the industry has not gone, we’re going,” says IT Director, Skip Potter.

Maplefields’ General Manager, Otto Hansen agrees, “EV charging will be part of our landscape for years to come.”

“I loved the sleek look of them. They’re liquid cooled. They worked really well with very little maintenance,” Skip says.

Cashierless Convenience: Self-Checkout in C-Stores

When you walk into a Maplefields in Northern New England, you won’t find your typical convenience store.

Cashiers? They don’t have them. Impatient customers? Not really. A line? What’s a line?

Perfecting EMV: Upgrade Advice from the Pros

While some c-store operations are scrambling to beat the April 2021 outdoor EMV deadline, the folks at Maplefields in Northern New England are sleeping at night just fine.

Every single one of Maplefields’ stores is now EMV-compliant, months ahead of the compliance cutoff date.

Fighting Turnover and Creating Loyal Employees

“There is constant turnover in this business and we’re no different than anybody else. But we also have the ability to retain people,” says Maplefields’ IT Director, Skip Potter.

When you start talking to the leaders of the company, it’s easy to see why. Many of them started off as cashiers and store managers just like the associates they oversee today.

Foodservice Success: The Best Breakfast in Town

oodservice has become a mainstay for convenience stores trying to entice gas guzzling customers to come inside the store for a bite to eat. Every single top c-store brand has a successful foodservice program driving non-fuel sales.

“When we decided to get into the foodservice program, we decided we were either going to make it – or break it,” says Maplefields IT Director, Skip Potter.

Fuel Buying from Self-Checkout? Maplefields is Already Doing It

When IT Director, Skip Potter, drew up his “cashierless” c-store concept for Maplefields convenience stores, he took every opportunity to reduce “friction” for his customers – including friction from the forecourt.

“We wanted a system that could integrate with the forecourt and give customers another level of freedom to dictate their shopping experience,” says Skip./p>

Convenience Crystal Ball: What’s Next for the C-store Industry?

The convenience store industry is in a constant state of invention and reinvention.

“A convenience store used to be just a gas station,” says Maplefields’ Special Projects Manager, Brian LaBrie. “It used to be something that had a garage attached to it. It’s beyond that now.”


What Makes Gilbarco the Best Partner for Maplefields?

EMV Enabled Encore® 700

The fuel islands at Maplefields are made up of 100% Encore 700 S fuel dispensers. That decision wasn’t taken lightly and it paid off. Maplefields upgraded their current dispensers with EMV rather than replacing them while maintaining a modern aesthetic. The Encore 700 S is the cornerstone of Gilbarco’s suite of EMV technology. Retailers benefit from Gilbarco’s global EMV leadership and experience, including the largest installed base of EMV fueling pay points in North America

Passport® Point-of-Sale

Maplefields wants equipment that stays future-proofed for ten years or more. Their IT Manager depends on durability and dependability to keep business running at all times. Passport POS has simpler, smarter architecture that builds in PCI compliance from the ground up. This makes it easier to meet today’s requirements, stay compliant in the future and maintain the flexibility you need to add new features and stay ahead of the competition.

e-Mobility for C-Stores

Maplefields knows c-stores are the forefront of electrification, providing frictionless integration that doesn’t require drivers to change their behavior. That’s why many of their locations feature a bank of Tritium RT-50 DC Fast Chargers from Gilbarco’s growing e-Mobility platform. Simple and quick to install, with high interfacing capabilities, the RT-50 allows seamless integration of the latest EV technology into your site, in the least disruptive manner.