Sami Said

Meet Sami Said, the owner of Emanuel Inc. a network of approximately 40 stores in the Seattle area. After earning an engineering degree in Egypt, Sami came to America in search of religious freedom. He quickly gravitated to the retail fuel industry and discovered simple ways to increase volume.

Sami’s strategy revolves around cleanliness and targeted merchandising. By inspiring employee pride and leveraging retail technology, Sami’s footprint has seen exponential growth over the last two decades.

Cleaning Up

It takes a team effort to keep a highly trafficked gas station clean but it’s critical to every c-store’s success. See why it’s the pinnacle of Sami’s strategy for success.

Flipping Gas Stations

Some people might see a run-down store and call it a lost cause – Sami sees opportunity. Learn how his site-flipping game plan works.

Master C-Store Merchandising

Sami and his team use retail technology to monitor merchandise and work smarter. See their strategies to streamline labor while using data to accurately stock stores based on sales.

Trust the Chip Card (EMV)

Sami didn’t wait to become a victim. He took the fraud threat seriously and invested in outdoor EMV technology.

Sami’s Customer Experience

Sami believes success comes from serving the customer. See how his focus on the overall experience trickles down to the rest of his team.

More Than a Job

Emanuel Inc. couldn’t have grown without the help of a strong team that truly cares about Sami’s mission to give customers the best service in Seattle.

How to Run a C-Store: 5 Steps

Why is it that two gas stations can be located across the street from each other, yet one business far outperforms the other? What are the secrets that put growth into overdrive?

Sami lets us in on the successful formula that helped him grow from one small store outside Seattle to a growing network of gas stations along the Puget Sound.

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What Makes Gilbarco the Best Partner for Emanuel Inc.?

Passport® Point-of-Sale

Sami needs a robust back office system to optimize merchandising, inventory, and labor. With the most third-party partners, Passport Point of Sale features an open architecture, making it easier than ever to connect your Passport to your preferred back office, loyalty, price sign, car wash controller, tank monitoring system and more.
With industry-leading security and functionality, no POS system offers more runway to keep your business up and running longer.

Encore 700 S Fuel Dispensers

The Encore 700 S is designed with the ultimate flexibility and reliability to ensure maximum uptime and the lowest total cost of ownership. Sami expects clean, fully-functioning forecourts at all his sites – at all times. He chose the E700S to ensure the best customer experience possible.

EMV Security

Trust and loyalty are at the heart of Sami’s overall business strategy. Going live with outdoor EMV bolsters trust in his customers who return, knowing they are better protected from fraud. Beyond security, having up-to-date fuel dispensers gives his stores a cutting-edge image that lets customers know he only offers the best of the best – inside the store, and out.