Square One Markets

Square One Markets is made up of seven convenience stores around Allentown, Pennsylvania, about 60 miles north of Philadelphia.

After her father passed, Lisa took the reins as President and CEO of the family-owned business.

Now she’s set on growing his legacy and leading the convenience industry into the future.

Scale & Streamline: Adopting Tablet-Style POS for Strategic Locations

Square One Markets has always pushed the envelope when it comes to their front counter.  

Their stores have been running on Passport Point-of-Sale since it first launched.  

Rising Up: Making an Industry Impact with NACS

If you’re even remotely connected to the convenience store industry, you’ve heard of The NACS Show. Someone who knows all too well is Lisa Dell’Alba, President and CEO of Square One Markets. 

Family-Owned, Female-Led: Shining a Light on Women C-Store Operators

Square One Markets’ flagship store in Eastern Pennsylvania is surrounded in floor-to-ceiling glass walls, but it’s her industry’s glass ceiling that President and CEO, Lisa Dell’Alba, continues to shatter. 

The Family Business: How It All Started

Lisa’s late father, Gary Dell’Alba, got started in the business as a self-taught mechanic with a three-bay service station in Allentown, 60 miles north of Philadelphia. Eventually, he installed fuel dispensers and never looked back.

Early Innovator: Pioneering the C-Store Drive-Thru

Drive-thru services are becoming more popular among convenience stores, but for Square One Markets, it’s not a new experiment, it’s a profit powerhouse that the family-owned business has relied on for decades.

Pay it Forward: Offering Opportunity

Staffing is a challenge for any c-store operation, but at Square One, most employees we spoke with had been working there for a year or more. From store managers to cashiers, they know all their regular customers, some who come in multiple times a day.  

Out with the Old: A Future-Proofed Forecourt

“My dad had a philosophy around buying things that worked, and worked well. So, it’s just become a natural selection to continue with a brand we trust,” said Lisa Dell’Alba, President and CEO of Square One Markets.


What Makes Gilbarco the Best Partner for Square One Markets?

Passport® EDGE

Square One Markets strategically streamlines operations with Passport EDGE, the only tablet-style POS system designed specifically for convenience stores. Passport EDGE optimizes the industry-leading power of Passport for smaller businesses. Square One Markets installs EDGE in smaller stores that need more counterspace. Regardless of the brand of dispenser that you have at your site, Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Passport EDGE makes indoor EMV easy. A true plug-and-play solution, Passport EDGE uses the newest EMV technology—both hardware and software—to help you manage your site and drive growth.

Encore® 900

Square One Markets uses Encore 900 fuel dispensers to add a new level of engagement with customers on the forecourt. The Encore 900 is the latest addition to the line of time-tested and future-proofed Encore equipment. With the same reliability as the industry-standard Encore 700 S, the E900 adds a bigger, smarter screen to increase foot traffic into the convenience store. The Encore 900 is EMV-ready out-of-the-box to enable quick, easy, secure, and even contactless payments such as tap-to-pay or Apple Pay®. The E900 offers up to six fuel grades with up to four hoses. Equipped with HD Meter, the E900 requires fewer calibrations leading to less fuel given away due to meter drift — saving up to $4,000 annually per site.

Passport Support Offering

Square One Markets has become a loyal user of Gilbarco solutions because they know they can rely on Encore and Passport products to keep their business online. Square One was one of the first operations to work with Passport, and now, Passport EDGE, and Encore 900. 24/7 support helps Lisa sleep at night because she knows 92% of issues can be solved remotely with the Gilbarco Help Desk. For Lisa, Gilbarco isn’t just a solutions provider, we’re a true partner that cares about her family’s business and future.