Breeze Thru Markets

Breeze Thru Markets is a small, locally based convenience store chain in Cary, North Carolina.

The brand thrives on data and trends to give customers a big brand experience with a neighborhood feel. From self-checkout kiosks, to Bitcoin machines, to locally-sourced food, Breeze Thru competes with large retailers by providing services people need that can’t be found conveniently anywhere else.

Inside Breeze Thru’s 10-Year POS Strategy

Breeze Thru doesn’t take equipment purchases lightly.  

When Mark Smith, Vice President of Retail, chooses a Point-of-Sale system, he is playing a long-game strategy. 

Working Smarter with Express Lane Self-Checkout

Breeze Thru knows how to impress a customer, but those wow-factors are all based on data and practicality.  

Passport Express Lane self-checkout system is one of those practical wow-factors. 

Business Boost: How Breeze Thru Creates Overnight Success

When Breeze Thru takes over a store, they don’t just put up a new sign and give it a number. 

When this brand takes over, they essentially tear the store down to bring it back up to speed. We’re talking new Encore 700 S fuel dispensers, new Passport POS systems and other technology. 

Building a Brand: Breeze Thru

Breeze Thru Markets’ strategy involves catering to customers, listening to the community, and finding that elusive sweet spot.

“We’re in a marketplace full of all the big guys,” says VP of Retail, Mark Smith. “We have to be better at things than other folks in order to get our niche.”

Inside Breeze Thru Markets’ Experience Working with Gilbarco

All Breeze Thru stores feature Gilbarco Encore 700 S fuel dispensers and Passport POS systems. Some stores also feature Passport Express Lane self-checkouts along with Express Ordering for food service.

“The pumps are very stable. You’ve got state-of-the-art everything, but you’re at a price that a company our size can afford,” Smith said.

Food Fight: Competing with Big Brand Menus

Nowadays, people don’t ask “if” a C-store offers food. Instead they ask, “how good is your C-store food?” 

A large part of Breeze Thru’s brand-building strategy starts in the kitchen. Instead of trying to match the big brand menus, Vice President of Retail, Mark Smith and his team are creating a different kind of reputation. 

Trendspotters: Capitalizing on Emerging Technologies

Breeze Thru Markets may look like clean, upscale convenience stores, but really – they’re retail laboratories.  

When’s the last time you saw a bitcoin machine in a C-store, or a self-checkout kiosk? Both of those technologies are running in Breeze Thru Markets right now. They’ve also discussed eight-foot long pet sections and even dog washes. 

Convenience Curveball: Keeping up with COVID-19

Breeze Thru was already obsessed with cleanliness. With COVID-19, they’ve taken it to another level.  

As an essential business during the nationwide lockdown, Breeze Thru has taken on new measures to protect their customers, employees, and their business. 


What Makes Gilbarco the Best Partner for Breeze Thru Markets?

Passport® Point-of-Sale

Breeze Thru Markets wants equipment that stays future-proofed for ten years or more. Their IT Manager depends on durability and dependability to keep business running at all times. Passport POS has simpler, smarter architecture that builds in PCI compliance from the ground up. This makes it easier to meet today’s requirements, stay compliant in the future and maintain the flexibility you need to add new features and stay ahead of the competition.

EMV Enabled Encore® 700

The fuel islands at Breeze Thru Markets are made up of 100% Encore 700 S fuel dispensers. That decision wasn’t taken lightly and it paid off. Breeze Thru can upgrade current dispensers with EMV rather than replace them, while maintaining a modern aesthetic. The Encore 700 S is the cornerstone of Gilbarco’s suite of EMV technology. Retailers benefit from Gilbarco’s global EMV leadership and experience, including the largest installed base of EMV fueling pay points in North America

Express Lane™ Self-Checkout

Breeze Thru Markets stays on the cutting-edge of C-store technology by offering Passport Express Lane Self-checkouts. Express Lane helps Breeze Thru shorten lines and speed up service. It’s also handy for stores with a busy lottery business. Breeze Thru enhanced their self-checkout kiosks by integrating Passport Express Ordering, allowing customers to shop, scan, order food, and pay – all in one place with one transaction.