Convenience Curveball: Keeping up with COVID-19

Breeze Thru was already obsessed with cleanliness. With COVID-19, they’ve taken it to another level.  

As an essential business during the nationwide lockdown, Breeze Thru has taken on new measures to protect their customers, employees, and their business. 

Like many retailers, you’ll see employees in masks and plexiglass barriers at the front counters. Breeze Thru opted for movable barriers instead of hanging them from the ceiling. 

They’ve also increased cleaning schedules for fuel dispensers, POS screens, PIN pads and other common touchpoints within the store. Some of the self-service coffee options are now limited as well. 

“Prior to COVID-19 we were already known as ‘the clean store’ and this has just made us up our game,” said District Manager, Cyndi Hudson. 

Nearly two-thirds of consumers have changed their shopping routines, and 87% said they would prefer touchless or enhanced self-checkout options. 

Breeze Thru already has customers covered with self-checkout, and they’ve taken it one step further.  

Rather than forcing customers to use two kiosks (one for food ordering and one for self-checkout), Breeze Thru has combined their food ordering with self-checkout into a one-transaction experience. 

By combining Passport Express Lane and Passport Express Ordering, customers now have fewer touchpoints. They can also avoid interacting with a cashier if it makes them feel more comfortable. 

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