Business Boost: How Breeze Thru Creates Overnight Success

When Breeze Thru takes over a store, they don’t just put up a new sign and give it a number. 

When this brand takes over, they essentially tear the store down to bring it back up to speed. We’re talking new Encore 700 S fuel dispensers, new Passport POS systems and other technology. 

All in 24 hours. 

But there’s a reason for the haste. 

“Over the years, as we take things over, we get a 10-15% bump right off the bat – just by cleaning the store up and putting new equipment in,” says Vice President of Retail, Mark Smith. 

Another business owner featured on a previous chapter of The Drive also found instant growth from a simple deep cleaning and it became the basis for his entire business strategy. 

Part of the job of District Manager, Cyndi Hudson is opening new stores and onboarding new employees. She helps lead the transformation from an old, struggling C-store to a Breeze Thru in a matter of hours and days. 

“I spent a week opening a store and training people who had been working there for five years on old-fashioned registers,” Hudson says. “Literally the one’s that go ‘ding’ and pop out.” 

The transformation doesn’t just show up on spreadsheets either. Customers and employees alike notice new faces stopping in from the moment the renovation work is finished. 

For Hudson, though, the work is never finished. 

“You go home after 14 or 15 hours and you just fall in the bed. You collapse, then you get up at 3 o’clock in the morning and do it again.”