Trendspotters: Capitalizing on Emerging Technologies

Breeze Thru Markets may look like clean, upscale convenience stores, but really – they’re retail laboratories.  

When’s the last time you saw a bitcoin machine in a C-store, or a self-checkout kiosk? Both of those technologies are running in Breeze Thru Markets right now. They’ve also discussed eight-foot long pet sections and even dog washes. 

“We’ll try anything,” Vice President of Retail, Mark Smith says. “We are very open to whatever the vendor thinks is going to work. And if it makes sense to us, we’re willing to try.” 

Bitcoin though? Really? 

For Breeze Thru, the ATM-like machine allows people to transfer cash into the popular cryptocurrency with a system that makes money with minimal effort or maintenance. 

Enhanced self-checkout is another one of Breeze Thru’s experiments.  

At typical c-stores, customers order on one kiosk and then take their ticket to a cashier at the front counter. Smith and his team wanted to simplify the process.  

To do that, Breeze Thru combined Passport Express Lane self-checkout with Gilbarco’s food ordering system, Passport Express Ordering. 

At Breeze Thru, customers can shop the store, scan their items, order food, and then pay – all at the same kiosk with the same transaction. 

“Customers walk in and say, ‘I can do what?’ So it’s always fun to see their faces light up,” Smith says. 

But to implement new trends like self-checkout, bitcoin, or high-end coffee, you need space. Breeze Thru recognizes what works and what doesn’t by analyzing their selling space for inefficiencies. 

“We’ve learned over the last six years that the center of the store doesn’t sell like it used to.” 

Smith eliminates items that don’t sell, then uses the freed-up space to try something new that people don’t normally expect in a C-store. 

Ready to experiment for yourself? To learn more about Passport Express Lane or Express Ordering, click here