Foodservice Success: This C-store Claims the Best Breakfast in Town

Foodservice has become a mainstay for convenience stores trying to entice gas guzzling customers to come inside the store for a bite to eat. Every single top c-store brand has a successful foodservice program driving non-fuel sales.

Maplefields in Northern New England is no different.

“When we decided to get into the foodservice program, we decided we were either going to make it – or break it,” says Maplefields IT Director, Skip Potter.

Spoiler alert, they did not break it. The kitchen staff regularly gets compliments for having the best breakfast in town. People love the food and that includes employees.

“I put a lot of money back into this company,” says associate, Jillian Majersky. “Personally, I really like the sausage croissants because breakfast is my favorite.”

The menu morphs with the time of day. During the morning, you’ll find grab-and-go breakfast sandwiches and coffee. The kitchen staff cranks out dozens of savory, meat-stuffed bagels and biscuits until the rush subsides.

When lunch rolls around, you’ll start seeing burgers, chicken, and pizza fill up the hot bars. Keep in mind, no matter what time it is, you can still go to the Passport Express Ordering kiosk and make a custom order as well. The evening rush is a combination of quick dinner grabs and last-minute items like a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread.

So what’s next for a brand that has the “best breakfast in town”? Skip says it won’t be long until you’ll be choosing your sandwich as soon as you select your fuel grade, right there at the pump.

“The next natural progression will be integrating the menu with the forecourt. So if a customer is pumping their fuel and they know they want a sandwich, they’ll be able to order it straight from the dispenser. By the time they’re done fueling, they’ll be able to go inside and grab their sandwich. Hopefully, that would also entail having the sandwich be paid for at the dispenser with their fuel purchase in one transaction.”

Until then, the crew of The Drive highly recommends heading inside for a quick BEC (bacon, egg, & cheese).

It really is the best breakfast in town.