Inside Breeze Thru Markets’ Experience Working with Gilbarco

It’s our business to offer solutions, but they also come with a partnership. Breeze Thru Markets is one of those partners.

Their strategy is three-fold: be cleaner, be brighter, and move very, very quickly. It’s Breeze Thru Standard Operating Procedure to rebrand a newly acquired site within 24 hours. In order to maintain that turnaround time, Vice President of Retail, Mark Smith, needs partners that will keep up with his pace.

“We do move quickly. We do change paths. And we need partners that can understand that we expect everybody else to move as quickly as we do. Gilbarco has been able to provide us with that,” Smith said.

Breeze Thru takes every advantage to maintain maximum efficiency. IT Manager, Jake Wootsick took Technical Training Courses and became a Gilbarco Certified Technician. With deeper knowledge of our solutions, he can quickly solve issues, lower products’ total cost of ownership, and maximize uptime.

“Gilbarco has folks who live in town. So, if we have an issue, your guys hop in the car and drive to our stores.” – Mark Smith

All Breeze Thru stores feature Gilbarco Encore 700 S fuel dispensers and Passport POS systems Some stores also feature Passport Express Lane self-checkouts along with Express Ordering for food service.

“The pumps are very stable. You’ve got state-of-the-art everything, but you’re at a price that a company our size can afford,” Smith said.

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