Scale & Streamline: C-store Retailer Adopts Tablet-Style POS for Strategic Locations

Square One Markets has always pushed the envelope when it comes to their front counter.

Their stores have been running on Passport Point-of-Sale since it first launched. They can even remember back to Gilbarco’s G-Site systems. More recently, Square One became one of the first sites to run our tablet-style POS, Passport EDGE.

“When we switched to Passport from G-Site, it made so much sense for training,” said Lisa Dell’Alba, President and CEO, Square One Markets.

Her staff echoed those sentiments, with Store Manager, Jessica Luce saying, “I think it’s the easiest one we’ve ever had.”

Jessica brags that she can train new employees in about 20 minutes. Within a few hours, they’re confidently working on their own.

“It’s simple. It basically tells you what to do. Whether it’s coffee or buying gas, there are hotkeys for everything.”

The addition of Passport EDGE at select locations has opened up new opportunities for Lisa as well. EDGE’s smaller footprint offers retailers more counterspace for merchandise. Another plus: a low profile to keep large screens from blocking interactions between the customers and cashiers.

“I think [Passport EDGE] is one of my favorite products from a user standpoint and our team members can learn how to use it instantly,” she said.

One of her most veteran employees agrees.

“I’m not computer literate, but it is fairly easy to work with,” said Joan Laury, Assistant Store Manager.

With a 24/7 remote help desk, an subscription-based payment plan, and EMV readiness out-of-the-box, Passport EDGE allows small retailers to stay flexible for the future.

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